Aditya Metal Scrap Export. — We make things happen…

Aditya Group's metal scrap division is designed to meet our huge customer base requirement in the high demand and growth of the scrap materials.

Aditya Group realizes that you may be an entire continent away. With the restrictions of time and economics it is often difficult to personally inspect each and every shipment. That's why we guarantee due diligence on your behalf and we promise that what you order is what you receive.

Inspections are always welcome before purchase. Customers are invited to view the loading of their merchandise first-hand. Sworn surveyor inspectors also available and offer even greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

With several years of experience in internationa ltrade you can rely on our knowledge, integrity and expertise to support all of your import procedures without delays. Our open communication will help you to keep track of your cargo from the day of booking to its final destination.

Aditya Group provides the following scrap material to its customers.

  • HMS Grade-1&2 Steel Metal Scrap
  • Used Rails Steel
  • Non-Ferrous Scrap