BBNTel - Own Your World

Aditya Group's telecom division is one of the leading service providers in long distance calls world wide. We operate it under BBNTel. BBN Telecom is the telecom division of Aditya Group of Industries Inc. located in California USA. Aditya Group is one of the fastest growing long distance telecommunications companies, carrying millions of minutes of voice calls across the globe.

BBN Telecom, deploys state of the art next generation technology products in order to cater for customers needs in a centralized system. BBN Telecom, unlike other carriers provides transparent billing, which is visible online for each call made for every subscriber. BBN Telecom generously offers a full transparent refund policy as per the terms and conditions.

BBN Telecom launched its pinless service 'BBNTel' to make long distance calls anywhere in the World from any registered mobile or landline phone in USA and CANADA. BBN Telecom is using CLI (Calling Line Identification) or ANI (Automatic Number Identification) based services and technology. The result is a smooth pinless service. The launched referral program proves to be a popular way for existing customers to be rewarded via the introduction of their friends. BBN Telecom is successfully working for the long distance calls using IP Phone or adapters for broadband internet subscribers.

BBN Telecom, via its parent company Aditya Group is interconnected with more than 5 International Carriers to provide best voice quality and connectivity anywhere in the World. The 'BBNTEL' services are launched to provide long distance services world wide.

BBN Telecom offers 24 x 7 technical support for any query regarding our service or any problems our subscribers face in using our service. Our network center is operational 24 x 7 to monitor the performance of the network and provide best connectivity to any destination available throughout the world.

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